At 35 kilometers long, and surrounded by 80 glaciers and 109 peaks with an altitude surpassing 3,000 m, the Stubai inspires active holiday makers with its diverse movement competence. Close to the regional capital Innsbruck, the region combines cultural experiences with adventures in nature. Its five holiday villagesare rich in history and tradition. They are known for being family friendly, offering activities that allow members of every generation to express themselves.

Schönberg is the first village in the valley to greet all guests. Mieders is home to the Serles, “Tyrol’s Altar”, with the Serlesbahnen Mieders offering easy access. With its idyllic location, Telfes gets the most hours of sunshine in the valley. Fulpmes is renowned for its age-old forging tradition and is home to the ski- and hiking area Schlick 2000, which is accessible both in summer and in winter. rom Neustift, it is easy to reach the Elfer peak as well as the Stubai Glacier. In any of the five towns, visitors can expect a warm welcome, fresh mountain air aplenty and unparalleled panoramic views.

Trail Running Fans Look Out!

Longstanding experience in staging Mountain- and Trail Running Events

For more than 30 years, the Schlickeralmlauf in Telfes in the Stubai Valley has been attracting mountain runners from all over the world along with some of the scene’s top stars. The event has kept developing, new formats have been established and it has turned into a renowned international run.

From back then…

Back in 1988, when the first professionally organized mountain running event, the Pfarrachalmlauf, was held in the Stubai Valley, nobody would have guessed the turn of events that this would bring about. In the same year, Telfes was chosen to host the 1990 World Championships (or World Mountain Running Cup respectively World Cup, as it was called back then). The route, which was subsequently moved to the Sennjoch in the Schlick 2000 area, was kept with only minor moderations until 2013. For the general rehearsal for the Masters World Championships (in 2014), the finishing line was moved to the Kreuzjoch, meaning the Schlickeralmlauf now covers 11.5 kilometers in length and 1.100 meters in altitude.

…until today

33 years later, after two Mountain Running Championships (in 1990 and 1996), two Masters World Championships (in 2014 and 2021) and the Mountain Running European Championships (in 2009), the route keeps setting new standards; it will be part of the 2023 World Mountain and Trail Running Championships’ “Short Trail” route.


The STUBAI ULTRATRAIL (SUT) is amongst the most stunning and spectacular trail running events in the Alps. The athletes take off at 1:00 AM in the Olympic city of Innsbruck, running 68 kilometers through the night to reach the finishing line at 3,000 meters above sea level on the Stubai Glacier. Three shorter races, all of them with the finishing line on the glacier, as well as the newly added STUBAI VERTICAL, round off the program.

Thanks to its unique routing, the STUBAI ULTRATRAIL is amongst the most spectacular trail running events ever. With the motto of “city2glacier”, the run starts at 1:00 in Innsbruck, covering 68 kilometers in length and more than 5,000 meters in altitude before culminating on the Stubai glacier; it includes a steep final ascent through snow just before reaching the final destination at the “Jochdohle”, located at 3,178 meters above sea level. Inclines of 20 to 30% are not uncommon. The fastest men take about 8:30 hours to complete the run, while the fastest women complete it in approx. 10 hours. Shorter but no less fascinating: The STUBAI K32, the STUBAI K20 and the STUBAI K9, all of which culminate in the step final ascent leading up the glacier.



Thanks to its central location and proximity to the regional capital Innsbruck, the Stubai Valley is easy to reach by plane, train, and car. Your biggest benefit is a free travel voucher when using public transport to get to Innsbruck. The Stubai Tirol Tourist Association provides guests staying in the Stubai Valley with a travel voucher granting them the once-off free use of the 590 bus line (Bus Stubai) or Stubai Valley Railway for their journey to and from their destination in the Stubai Valley from/to Innsbrukck. This service is only available for guests vacationing in the Stubai Valley. Please note that you need to create a voucher for every booked person. You have access to the entire public transport system with its comprehensive schedule in the Stubai Valley.

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