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10 days of sports, fun and emotions – we are looking for you!

You make the difference! Whether at the resupply station or along the route, as a volunteer you will be in the thick of the action. Experience 10 days of sports, fun & emotions at a major event that is unrivaled as of yet. You want to take a look behind the scenes and you are amped up at being part of the action instead of being on the sidelines? If this is the case, you have come to the right place!

Be it at the adidas TERREX Innsbruck Alpine Trailrun Festival or the World Mountain and Trail Running Championships - the choice is yours, and depending on your individual availability.

Areas of Employment

There are 12 different areas of employment to choose from. Prioritize your 3 favorites and consider your interests, strengths and personality traits.

You’ve already set your sights on a specific area that you really want to be part of? Here’s some advice: The more availability you have, the better your chances of being deployed in your favored area. 😉

The Event Operations team is in charge of ensuring smooth logistical and operational processes throughout the event. You will support venue set-up and dismantling, coordinate transport operations, or be in charge of deliveries. For this team we are looking for people with a hands-on mentality who are flexible and not shy to take charge of various on-site tasks spontaneously. A driver’s license is beneficial.

Possible working period: 29.05. – 12.06.23


Major international events require both linguistic skills and dedication. You use your language skills to support athletes and their teams in finding their way, either as a direct contact for one or several teams, as an info point contact, or when handing out bib numbers. As a member of the Team & Language Services team you are happy to answer questions with a smile, and your communicative and service-oriented approach will help turn the WC into a memorable experience for all international athletes and teams.

Possible working period: 1.06. – 11.06.23


You love being at the front and working at the interface between different client groups? Then the Accreditation & Hospitality team is the right choice for you. You make sure that all involved parties, be it staff, athletes, media representatives or volunteers, have access and know where they need to be. VIP access is part of your job; you are service-oriented and will be an important part of the event, always in the thick of the action.

Possible working period: 01.06.-03.06., 05.06.-10.06.23


In total, there will be more than 500 participants, volunteers and service providers contributing to the event. As part of the Administration & Volunteer Management team you are a go-to person for the entire workforce. You make sure the event goes smoothly and without glitches by coordinating shifts and the expenditure of apparel; you are in charge of the wellbeing of both volunteers and staff. In addition we require you to be available as a flexible floater whenever and wherever there are bottlenecks.

Possible working period: 01.06.-11.06.


As part of Ceremonies & Fringe Events, you are in the thick of it. You are a point of contact for the coordination of different non-athletic fringe events, on and off stage. You are involved in the organization of flower & medal ceremonies, your contribution ensuring it will be an emotional experience for both athletes and spectators.

Possible working period: 01.06.-10.06.


Our Expo is a daily gathering place for businesses, visitors and sports enthusiasts. As part of the xpo team you are a point of contact for exhibitor queries and you support the coordination of activities. You not only contribute to the great atmosphere and smooth operations but you also create special experiences and make the partners feel welcome.

Possible working period: 31.05.-11.06.


The Branding team makes sure that the ‘Look & feel’ concept reaches all contributors, putting them in a festive mood. You are in charge of the flawless application of marketing materials, an optimal placement of partners and brands, and you ensure an aesthetically pleasing and appealing look of the venue, as this is essential for live broadcasts as well as for visitors.

Possible working period: 30.05.-11.06.


As part of the Communications team you are working at the interface between management and media, contributing content but also your organizational skills so that the event will be communicated globally. Are you familiar with content creation, writing, image creation, social media and websites? Are you experienced and interested in one or several of the tasks mentioned? If that’s the case, we are looking forward to welcoming you to our team.

Possible working period: 01.06.-10.06.


As part of the Media Operations team you are a point of contact for journalists and photographers, you support operations at the Media Center and help organize press conferences. Furthermore, you assist in TV productions and the communication with commentators and athletes. Some experience in dealing with the press and media as well as a keen interest in media production are beneficial.

Possible working period: 05.06.-10.06.


As a member of the Sport Services team you assist in any contest-related concerns. Your tasks include the coordination of the start and finishing areas, the handling of the resupply camps and communications with the Race Office. You may also be appointed to be a backmarker at the tail-end of the athletes. This obviously requires a keen interest in the sport.

Possible working period: 01.06.-10.06.


As a race marshal you are in the heat of the action – right along the route. Apart from ensuring the athletes’ safety you are tasked with keeping the spectators safe and under control and ensuring correct procedures throughout the contest. In addition, you play an important part in motivating the athletes along the route.

Possible working period: 01.06., 03.06.,04.06., 06-10.06.


As part of the Anti-doping team you accompany athletes to the testing stations, which requires a sense of responsibility and professionalism.

Possible working period: 07.06. – 10.06.





We have compiled a list of benefits to show our gratitude and appreciation for your commitment:

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you’ll find answers to all frequently asked questions regarding the topic of volunteers.





As a volunteer you will profit from several benefits, starting from catering during your shift to crew outfits and some cool goodies - depending on the amount of days you are active, we have prepared different equipment kits for you.

Yes. We will provide you with meals during your shift(s); in addition there will be a snack buffet that you have access to around the clock in order to keep your sugar levels up.

Mit deiner Akkreditierung kannst du im Eventzeitraum die öffentlichen Transportmittel der Innsbrucker Verkehrsbetriebe (IVB) und des Verkersverbund Tirol (VVT) kostenlos nutzen. Unter diesem Link erhältst du mit dem TAN DZWED3 bis zu 22% Rabatt bei der ÖBB. Unter diesem Link findest du mit dem Event Code ATAUWAH unsere Sondertarife der Lufthansa Group Airlines.
No. There are limited parking options around the venue, which is why we ask volunteers as well as visitors to make use of public transport on their way to the venue.
No. Volunteers coming from abroad or not living within commuter distance will have to find their own accommodation, however, we are happy to offer our support in your search.


We cooperate with the Volunteer Team Tirol. You can sign up as a volunteer by clicking the registration link on our site and/or on the Volunteer Team Tirol portal and choose your three preferred areas of interest.

Please send an email to [email protected] in case your email address or any other personal data has changed sowe can modify your information. Unfortunately, your preferred areas of interest cannot be changed once all assignments have been finalized.

The minimum age for volunteers is 16. If you are not yet 18, one of your parents or a legal guardian has to sign a declaration of consent on your behalf. This should be submitted no later than the start of the Volunteer Training.

You should have very good levels of German or English. As a volunteer you are acting as a point of contact for different people at the event, and you need to be able to communicate. Depending on your area of application you will also need to have a good command of German, both in writing and orally; knowledge of an additional foreign language is a plus.


Once you have signed up, you will receive a confirmation mail with information regarding a short interview we will conduct with every volunteer. This is to ensure you get assigned a job matching your interests and qualifications. Based on the information regarding your areas of interest as well as the interview we will assign you an area of application and will offer specific preparation a few days prior to the event.
Depending on the area of application there are different time periods that you should be available for. Irrespective of that you should be available during the assigned times. The areas of application will be assigned depending on the applicants’ availability and flexibility.
Along with the confirmation email, you will receive information regarding your volunteer interview in which we will determine the ideal area of application for you. Once you have been assigned to your area of application, you will receive another email, confirming the area of application. A few weeks prior to the event, you will receive the detailed roster, and there will be a specific volunteer training several days prior to the event.
Depending on the area of application, you will mostly be working outdoors, however, there will be a tent or break room available for breaks
Volunteer shifts last from 4 to 10 hours, with a minimum of one break; more often than not you will have more than one break spread out over the day. You will received your detailed roster a few weeks prior to the event.

Please get in touch at [email protected] in case you need to change your area of application or cancel altogether, and we will try to find a replacement as quickly as possible.


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